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March 2, 2007 at 2:15 am 1 comment

By now you must have seen the pictures of the British 8 yr old, Connor McCreaddie, who was threatened with being taken away from his mother because she has allowed his weight to skyrocket to obsesity and beyond. 

Connor McCreaddie

What kind of mother does not realize that a  diet of chips, cookies and soft drinks is extremely harmful to a child’s health.  Does Mrs. McCreaddie not read Hungry Girl, the website that uncovers lo-cal, healthy snacks and recipes to keep us fit and trim?  Just look at Hungry Girl’s Top Ate long-lasting snack list to find out what might keep you or your child so busy munching that you’d be satisfied before you reached for the next cookie.

HG’s “Top Ate” Long-Lasting Snacks
1. Tootsie Pops
2. 94% fat free popcorn mini-bags
3. Steamed artichokes
4. Sugar-free popsicles
5. Weight Watchers Fruities
6. Pomegranates
7. Tasty Eats Soy Jerky – Hot N’ Spicy
8. 7-Eleven’s Crystal Light SlurpeesSource:

What was most disturbing from the list of Connor’s daily intake was the absence of any fruits or vegetables.  Boy, has he been missing out these eight years!  What better snack for a child is a crisp red apple or juicy succulent orange?   What about strawberries or grapes or sweet baby carrots?    I can understand the craving for something with chocolate or salt, so why not have some fun with chocolate dipped fruitorange1.jpg or spreading a little peanut butter on an apple or celery?  It’s does add some calories but is certainly better that a bag of fat ladened potato chips.


I am not suggesting we only eat super healthy snacks (although many argue we should) because god knows I love a good TastyKake, or bag of salt and pepper Kettle Chips. But let’s be smart about it.  Mix it up.  Make sure you put the daily recommended number of fruits and vegetables into your diet.  Fruits and vegetables make great snacks and then you can fit in an occasional cookie just for fun. 


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  • 1. Mark McDonald  |  March 3, 2007 at 2:36 am

    Connor McCreaddie has a genetic syndrome which causes him to be both abnormally tall as well as abnormally heavy. If you pay attention to his statistics stated in the story, you might notice that as well as being heavy, he is nearly a foot taller than an average child his age. There are plenty of diets that can cause someone to be overweight. There is no diet in the world that can cause a child to grow a foot taller than normal by age eight.
    How do I know that he has a genetic disorder and is not just a glutton? I have a child that is just a few months younger than him that could be his twin. Other than hair color, they look identical. He was born right at average length and weight, but by his two month check-up he was off the charts and has stayed that way. A two month old cannot overeat without force feeding, which did not happen.
    After taking him to numerous doctors who had no idea what was wrong with him, we finally ended up at the genetics department of Children’s Hospital of San Diego. The doctor ran many tests and concluded that he has a genetic disorder. Unfortunately, it is not a common enough disorder to have been named or studied, much less a cure or treatment to have been found.
    His mother and I been have been married and together all of his life, and have worked constantly on his weight issues all of his life to no avail.
    I cannot speak for Connor but my son has mild Autism and it is very difficult to change his habits. We have been working very hard to add foods to his diet, but have had very little success. He does dislike new foods, he is afraid of them.
    If you will notice from the story, Connor does not eat large amounts of sweets and treats, but large amounts of meats. This is not something that a self indulgent glutton does. His mother also states that he is constantly hungry. Again, this is not consistant with the glutton. Gluttons eat when they are bored or anxious, not when they are hungry. (This has been shown in scientific studies.) There are gluttons around who are overweight because of personal habits, but if you look carefully, Connor does not seem to be among them.



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