Make Your Own Breakfast Smoothies

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When I lived in Los Angeles, I became obsessed with Jamba Juice.  Those lucious, fruity, thirst-quenching smoothies  were a delicious treat in the morning, after a work out, or any time of day.  However, my one issue was that the drinks were soooooo big.  There are a lot of calories (carbs and sugar) packed into the 16 oz. size.  So, I started making them at home so I could control the size of the beverage (and my hips) and the ingredients. 

Fruit Smoothie

Crunchy Breakfast Smoothie

The biggest challenge in duplicating the smoothie was how to end up with the same thick, icy consistency.  A friend suggested using frozen bananas and it worked perfectly.  I thought of using frozen fruit in general and adding some plain yogurt and oila!!  I was able to achieve that perfect smooth, cool and chunky but drinkable beverage.

Recently, I visited Jamba Juice in NYC (so happy they’re on the east coast now), and purchased one of their new fruit “Toppers”.   It’s a thicker smoothie layered with granola and sliced bananas.  It was the perfect refreshment but more like a “spoonable” meal.  The crunchy and substancial combination of the  granola and bananas makes for a filling, all natural and delicious treat.  

So, recently I started making my own “Toppers”, but instead of granola, I use Grapenuts cereal.   While granola is a great option too, I prefer the consistency of Grapenuts, especially when they soak up the liquid.   Grapenuts are also  lower in calories.  However, you can use whichever you prefer. 

The beauty of “make your own”smoothies is that you can get to choose your fruit, yogurt flavor, and crunchy topping.  It all depends on the flavor or crunch you want.  The most important “trick” to remember is to use frozen fruit to thicken the smoothie without having to use ice, which makes a more liquid drink.  

So, get started making your own breakfast smoothies and your won’t be disappointed.  In addition to the delicious taste, you’ll be able to make something fresh, healthy, and full of all natural goodness.

Recipe for Breakfast Smoothie

Makes one single serving – double or triple for more

Ingredients (approximate based on your own tastes)

– One frozen banana (remember to peel the banana before your freeze it)

– 1/2 cup frozen or fresh fruit of your choice (berries and pitted fruit – ie peaches, apricots, mango work best)

– 1/3 cup of yogurt (I prefer plain greek as it adds little additional sugar or flavor)

– 1/3 cup of juice (orange, apple, cranberry etc)

– Granola or Grapenuts or preferred breakfast cereal

Instructions:  Blend and puree fruit, yogurt, and juice.  Pour smoothie into glass.  Layer or top with granola or cereal and fresh fruit.  Enjoy.

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